Carbon offsets aligned to your ESG goals 

along with premium content to share with your customers about your direct impact

Show your customers you care, commit to Net Zero Carbon

Take full control of your environmental capital, and share your progress on climate change with customers. Demonstrate how your investment in the planet goes above and beyond the norm to meet your broader ESG commitments with ROCx

Curated for your
organization’s needs

Have an impact in the places that matter to your business. Our team will select premium offsets from our portfolio that align with your organization’s ESG goals.

Shareable impact stats to engage your stakeholders

Licensing carbon offsets from the marketplace allows you to gain access to top-of-the-line content that allows you to share your impact with all of your stakeholders.

Have confidence
in your offset portfolio

We use proprietary low-emissions blockchain technology and two third-party auditors to ensure you’re buying one-of-a-kind, real carbon offsets. 

We take the guesswork out of carbon offsetting for you

Schedule a call with our team of sustainability experts to receive a free strategy including:

  • A curated package of offsets that meets your ESG goals
  • Information on quantity and cost of offsets to meet your goals

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Get monthly updates on your offset projects and new content to tell your climate change mitigation story

We only accept premium offsets from companies we believe are changing the world. Your monthly purchases unlock licensing to content from the companies you support to use in your sustainability reporting, on your website or on social media.

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